Compass & tailwind Colored

Selu Alofipo Fine Art

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24" x 48" 1.5" This piece features natural wood grain, oil, acrylic and sandy texture.  Inspired by the strong family values prevalent in the Polynesian culture, the Compass is symbolized through the stern profile of the patriarch valiantly pointing the direction of the family's journey.  He is resolute in his decision making.  The tailwind is symbolized through the gentle push of the mothers encouragement.  she is the tailwind behind the canoe"s sail. The canoe represents the children in their journey through life.  the moon represents the strong under currents that stand in the way ready to pull us down and test our resolve.  The line that connects the father and mother runs continuously throughout their profiles from shoulder to shoulder symbolizing the unified efforts of both parents throughout the journey. 

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Category: canvas, symbolism

Type: canvas

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