SELU ALOFIPO (seh-loo / ah-loh-fee-poh)

Expressionist artist Selu Alofipo is making noise in the art world. Nationally recognized and boasting a rapidly growing international following, Selu's journey started in humble beginnings. Born in the small village of Vaitoloa in Western Samoa, it was there he was first introduced to vivid colors and magnificent imagery. With a solid foundation built in hard work and family values, Selu was prepared for his new world as his family immigrated to the United States in 1983.

Settling in Salt Lake City, Utah, Selu had to learn the English language in order to succeed in school. It was during this transitional period where his talent for art was discovered. Selu was given an assignment in the fifth grade to express his thoughts about a subject discussed in class. Not yet able to articulate in the English language, he submitted a drawing rather than a written summary. His teacher, Mrs Meule praised his creativity and encouraged him to hone his skills.

As Selu mastered the English language, he went on to earn a football scholarship to Louisiana Tech University where he received a bachelor of arts degree in Liberal Arts.  Maintaining the idea that his artistic ability was primarily a hobby and not a viable choice for a career path, Selu sought other opportunities and means to provide for his growing family. Faced with financial hardships, Selu worked several jobs before making the life-changing decision to introduce his artwork to the world. Selu first introduced his art at the local Salt Lake City, Downtown Farmers Market. There, his original, abstract paintings were received with an outpouring of appreciation and approval.  This was the motivation he had been waiting for.

Selu went on to participate in some of the Nation's most prominent art exhibitions, collecting many awards along the way. Without question, his most impressive feat throughout this journey has been the overwhelming response garnered from collectors, media, press, and artists alike, without being represented in a single gallery.  Evidence of this was his recent recognition from the White House as a "Champion of Change" in May of 2016.  Shortly following in the same year, he was honored by the Carnegie Corporation of New York as a 2016 "Great Immigrant" honoree.


Selu is at the top of his game and continues to raise the bar for himself. Constantly evolving, he forges ahead with no signs of slowing down.  In addition to producing inspiring works of art, Selu enjoys sharing his message through public speaking encouraging his audience to "BE TENACIOUS" and to constantly takes steps towards their best thoughts and interests and to not be a victim of circumstance.  He recently said, "My journey has taken me places I never imagined possible and there has been plenty of disappointments along the way.  I have been fortunate to be able to create in my spare time and not feel the pressure of having to paint in order to provide for my family.  When painting becomes a job, it is no longer enjoyable."  No question his artwork has inspired many, but his unique ability to express his passion through spoken word has transformed Selu Alofipo into a formidable public speaker.  The future is bright for this emerging talent and there is no signs of stopping anytime soon.