Have You Met Selu?

Having been raised in meager circumstances, I am deeply humbled and my spirit is lifted when someone chooses, without pressure or regret, to spend their hard earned money on a painting that I created.  To this day, I am still somewhat taken aback when someone spends thousands of dollars on a piece of artwork.  What do they see?  What does it remind them of? What sacrifices are being made to own this piece of artwork?

Oftentimes, a collector hands over the equivalent of a mortgage payment to pay for a piece and not even blink an eye; and then there are those that are physically uneasy and emotionally torn but decide, in the end, that I am worth making a sacrifice for.

 These experiences move me to a degree that words cannot describe and motivates me to paint with the hopes that it will inspire.  My hope is that you find in my creations: HOPE! Hope that tomorrow will be more fulfilling than today; that you will feel inspired to take steps towards your best thoughts, intentions and desires, and the hope that your new piece is of equal VALUE to you as it was for me when I created it.      -Selu

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